The Blue Angel Lounge
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New Album “A Sea Of Trees” out in May


The Blue Ange Lounge’s 3rd studio album to be released on May 5th via ‘A’ recordings. ā€˜A Sea Of Treesā€™ was recorded between 2013 and 2014 at Funkhaus-studio and Studio H1-3 Nalepastrasse, Berlin. Mixed at A Recordings Studio, Berlin. Produced, recorded and mixed by Fabien Leseure and The Blue Angel Lounge.


1. Winter
2. Melloch Halb & Halb
3. Desolate Sands
4. Mutter
5. Woods (Sea Of Trees)
6. Walls
7. As Cold As The Moon
8. In Distance
9. Quartz
10. Plane Communication
11. The Pain You Got From Me

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  • Moe

    Ich bin sehr gespannt!