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In Times 2006 – 2010

Upcoming release on March 26, 2016

In Times

Limited Edition of 100 signed copies
20 Tracks, Double LP on 180 gram vinyl.
featuring previously unreleased rarities and demos
painstakingly mastered by Ryan Carlson van Kriedt

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We „The Blue Angel Lounge“ would like to announce that today, July 5th 2014, we will cancel all upcoming shows and are not planning an further recording at this time.

For many reasons internal and external, we have come to the conclusion to go on separate ways, new projects and discover what we we’ve been missing while working ambitiously on this project for almost a decade.

The Blue Angel Lounge has always been a project above a conceptual band, rather a musical community of friends and people in our close environment that eventually led us to an almost predictable but unfortunately abrupt end.

We would like to thank all of our fans and admirers for all the incredibly great support and for all the unforgettable moments we will never forget.

Last but not least. We would like to apologize to all the people that were involved at Paris Psych Fest and all the fans who wanted to see us play. We are deeply sorry but we could not find a way to get everybody together for one last time to give it the proper ending it definitely deserved.

We hope the music we have managed to achieve will outlast our short existence.


The Blue Angel Lounge



Inspiration #10

“Wer nur einigermaßen zur Freiheit der Vernunft gekommen ist, kann sich auf Erden nicht anders fühlen denn als Wanderer, – wenn auch nicht als Reisender nach einem letzten Ziele: denn dieses gibt es nicht. Wohl aber will er zusehen und die Augen dafür offen haben, was alles in der Welt eigentlich vorgeht; deshalb darf er sein Herz nicht allzufest an alles einzelne anhängen; es muß in ihm selber etwas Wanderndes sein, das seine Freude an dem Wechsel und der Vergänglichkeit habe.”

Friedrich Nietzsche, Der Wanderer